Posted by: LakeIris | February 5, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Many of you have already read this via Facebook, but I figured I spent enough time working on this list, I’d add it here for the rest of you.

1. I was an extra in ‘Kalamazoo’ the movie. It stars Mayim Bialik (you know, “Blossom”?) I stood next to her for an entire scene. I still haven’t seen the movie – maybe I should check and see if I can order it.

2. Thoroughly Modern Millie was one of my favorite movies growing up. The stage role is probably top on my list of roles I’d like to play some day.

3. About five years ago, I went to an open audition for modeling/talent agent – can’t remember the song I sang, but I was one of about a dozen (out of hundreds) selected to go to national convention with agents from New York and LA. In the end, I decided I couldn’t afford to go.

4. I played a principal role in many a church musical during my ‘tween’ years. I was usually cast as a boy, since there were few guys who wanted the roles, and I was more of an alto.

5. I never worked as a camp counselor for financial reasons. It’s one of the few things I’d change about my life if I could.

6. My favorite church service is the Easter Vigil on Saturday night. Christmas Eve is a close second.

7. I’ve played in two handbell choirs, sung in five church choirs, performed liturgical dance, acted in church dramas and musicals, served as worship assistant, reader, sang with a worship band and have recorded music with two different congregations.

8. I have contributed backup vocals to two Hard Taco songs – and tap dancing to one.

9. I pick up accents very quickly, and with little or no conscious thought applied. Most people I meet here assume I’m Australian until I mention otherwise. But there’s no trace of the Aussie after about 1 minute of talking to American friends or family…and watching American TV or movies also makes it disappear temporarily.

10. I just saw an episode of Gilmore Girls two days ago that I had NEVER seen before – and didn’t realize I’d missed! “The Perfect Dress” – halfway through season 6. Don’t know what I was doing on January 10, 2006…I remembered to set a VCR for every other episode for seven years.

11. I moved halfway through 7th grade and still remember the humiliation I felt the day a girl pulled the little tag on the back of my shirt and said, ‘fag tag.’ Now that I’m a teacher, I can’t believe THAT’S the worst thing I remember a fellow student ever said or did to me throughout 13 years of public schooling.

12. I was one of 30 students in my school district selected to be in a magnet math, science and computer program. Unfortunately, I cannot claim to be a MSC graduate, because I didn’t take AP physics or whatever the ‘post-calculus’ maths class was my senior year. Instead, I took step aerobics, weight training, mythology and psychology. I know why I didn’t take physics – the only teacher I ever had who I didn’t like. I loved my college physics class. The maths class conflicted with show choir, and I think I figured if I aced college level calculus at 16, I deserved a break my senior year. But I’m still sad that I’m not invited to MSC reunions.

13. Didn’t start drinking coffee until halfway through my masters degree at U of M at 27 years old. Until then HATED anything even coffee flavored. Now I long for a cup every morning, even if I’m well rested.

14. I had my first boyfriend when I was six. He made me red and clear beaded jewelry for Valentine’s Day – a necklace, bracelet AND a ring. Apparently that must have set the bar pretty high, because it was another 21 years before boyfriend #2.

15. I have never been across the Atlantic, but I have flown across the Pacific 11 times. I have also never been to NYC, but that’s partly because I secretly think that if I went, I’d never leave.

16. I was offered 2 teaching jobs in California. I decided to turn them both down (for very different reasons) and packed up and moved to Australia to look for a job here.

17. I am both lactose and fructose intolerant. My housemate is allergic to gluten, red meat and all dairy. We still have a fantastic variety of food in our house, and love to cook and bake. Sincerely!

18. I was 19 when I had my first kiss. One of my best friends had hers about 24 hours before me. They were with the same guy.

19. Things I miss about America: student movie tickets (my U of M ID expires in 2011 – such a waste here), Netflix, TiVo, my KitchenAid mixer, Ben & Jerry’s, really good Mexican food and margaritas, cable TV, autumn leaves, cell phone plans that make sense, well insulated houses, the ELCA (more specifically, Lord of Light), lakes, snow days, spelling words the familiar way, Christmas with my family and in the winter. The list of people I miss would be much, much longer.

20. When I was in first grade, I said I wanted to be a mom, grandma and a teacher when I grew up. From ages 10-16, I wanted to be a CPA. (I loved math, and my great aunt’s late husband had been a CPA. This was the aunt who owned three houses, and I took that as a good sign, financially.) From about 17 – 21, I was all set to be a pediatrician. Instead, I became a youth minister for four years, and now I’m a teacher and love it. So apparently I had a better sense of self at 6 than I did between the ages of 10 and 25.

21. I got shingles my senior year of high school – took a week off so I didn’t give anyone chicken pox. I got mono in the last month of grad school – found out about a week after my best friend’s wedding. No, I didn’t get it from kissing some hot guy at the wedding, although I think that would have made a better story.

22. Things I miss about Australia when I’m not here: iced chocolates, sidewalk cafes, the slang and vernacular I feel funny about using when I’m not here, variety of UHT milk available (especially VitaSoy rice milk), socialized medicine (even if I’m not eligible), The Butterfly Club, tipping for good service (not because it’s expected/required), a school year that coincides with the calendar year (and with four equal terms), morning tea, emphasis on water conservation. The list of people would me much, much longer.

23. I wore contacts for about 14 years. Even though I switched back to glasses about two years ago, I still don’t think of myself as someone who wears glasses. It surprises me when a student draws a picture of me with glasses. The crazy curly hair, well, that I understand.

24. I had three cats as pets growing up. I’m still surprised (and vaguely, strangely disappointed) when I find out one my favorite people is a dog person. Then again, I really like most of my friends’ dogs.

25. I have probably sung more duets than solos in my life, and I will always miss singing with one of my very best childhood friends (an almost-sister, really), Anna. I can’t believe she’s been gone for nearly eight years now; I think her death was the first time I experienced a broken heart.


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