Posted by: LakeIris | March 22, 2009

I wish I could blink my eyes

Robin: It’s just every year at the holidays I feel homesick. So far every year I’ve had a reason to stay: a boyfriend, a job…or something. But this year for the first time, I don’t.

Marshall: Yes, you do!

Robin: What?

Marshall: We all love you. If you ever moved back to Canada, we would hop on a plane, we would track you down and we would bring you back right here where you’re supposed to be. It’s not New York without Robin Scherbatsky.

Robin: Thanks. I just miss it there sometimes. I wish I could blink my eyes and be back in Canada for an hour, you know?

How I Met Your Mother episode “Little Minnesota”

A few tears were shed when I saw this on TV last week. Especially when it so closely followed a conversation I had with friend Christie last Sunday about “home.” Lately I’ve been wondering and praying about some of the following questions…..

  • Is home where the heart is? Or is where you hang your hat?
  • How much of where we feel at home has to do with the people there?
  • Can you have more than one home? If so, are you destined to always feel a little bit homeless, regardless of where you are?
  • How closely entwined are the ideas of “family” and “home”? Are they just two words for the same concept?
  • In the musical “Beauty and the Beast” Belle sings, “I’ve found home…you’re my home…stay with me.” In the Bible, we’re told that we leave our parents when we marry and start a new home/family with our husband or wife. So what does that mean for those of us who are single adults? Who constitutes our family? Are we just in some state of limbo?
  • In this morning’s sermon, we looked at one of Jesus’ promises in the Gospel of John: that we are invited to abide/dwell/live/make our home in GOD. God offers himself as a home to those who love Jesus.

Sometimes the homesickness hits like a huge wave. Yes, at the holidays, but also at other, somewhat random, times. On the first day that felt truly “fall-like” this autumn – all I wanted to do was go to an apple orchard, drink cider and eat doughnuts. On Valentine’s Day, I pictured the kids in my class eating conversation hearts, making paperbag “mailboxes” and exchanging valentines – none of which happen here.

Yet I am really enjoying my second year of teaching at Good Shepherd. At the moment, I have a really hard time picturing working anywhere else. I’ve settled into a new apartment with a new roommate and (although it’s perhaps too soon to tell), we’re getting along really well. I love that only 9 weeks into the school year, we get two weeks of holidays. (12 days and counting!)

So where IS my home? I don’t know. It’s a mystery. But I do know that sometimes I wish I could just blink my eyes….


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