Posted by: LakeIris | September 8, 2012

7 Book Club: Month 1 (Identity)

I was kind of hoping my reflections on the first chapter of 7 were going to be a little more about Jesus and less about food. But it took me a full two hours of writing about my journey with food over the past few years to get it out of my system before I could get there. If you’re interested in finding out more about that, have a read here.

But for our first week, our first session of the 7 Book Club, I’m going to focus on those three questions on page 24. The ones that completely floored me the first time I read the book and made me immediately want to buy a copy for everyone I know and love:

  1. What in my life, if taken away, would alter my value or identity?
  2. What causes an unhealthy change of attitude, personality, or focus when ‘it’ becomes threatened?
  3. What is the thing outside of God that you put everything else on hold for?

In other words: “What other gods do you have before me, Diana?”

Oh, man. Here we go.

The possibility that I’ll be married one day, with kids. Who am I, if I’m not going to be a mother someday? Haven’t I been preparing for it one way or another since I was approximately two years old?

Being good at my job. Don’t even get me started on the insecurity that comes from pursuing a career like teaching. Most of my previous jobs, take waitressing for example, took a bit of training, a bit of practice, but fairly quickly, I felt like I had a pretty good handle on it. Teaching is nothing like this and that drives me crazy sometimes.

And, similarly, being ‘good with kids.’ Until I started teaching I always enjoyed kids and felt that it was pretty easy to earn their respect and obedience. Now I realize that while this may be true of about 75% of the kids I encounter, when the other 25% challenge my authority…well, that’s where that unhealthy change of attitude and personality  comes into play.

Easter Camp Coordinator – such an important part of my identity these past three years, I’m starting to wonder if that’s why God might be saying, “that’s enough for now.”

The dependable, responsible daughter/sister/niece/granddaughter. But I’m not a part of my family’s lives now like I used to be and that certainly feels like it’s changing my value.

But there is gospel. My value, my identity is NOT based on my marital status or whether I have procreated. Or am good at my job or brilliant at classroom management. Or whether I’m funny. Or catch up with all of my friends on a regular basis. Or exercise regularly. Or am debt free.

My value, my identity is in Christ. I am a child of God. And if I forget that, if I raise up any of these other aspects of my life to make them more than they should rightfully be, then I am putting up a barrier between me and God. I’m denying who I am and who my Creator is.

So how might you answer those questions? What did the first chapter of 7 have you pondering?



  1. off on my holiday but have subscribed so i can comment via my phone when I’ve read it. ❤

  2. Oh, no other comments? Well, I need to get these out so it’s just you and me Hey!

    What in my life if taken away….
    Some have already been taken and have shaken and changed, no not yet changed only shaken and emptied my perceived value and identity. They are ‘pastor’s wife’, home schooler, and to a large extent ‘church goer’
    The first began when we arrived in Melbourne to a different role than parish ministry, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I’m on a journey of letting go of all identities except those that are God given, “Child of God”, secondary is Wife, Mother and all the other vocations that come from the first.

    What causes an unhealthy change of attitude, personality or focus…..
    Sadly I’m having trouble wanting to type this because it’s humbling
    I care too much what people think of me, yet I do not believe people when they actually appreciate and compliment me. I am very mean to myself and when my daughters begin to act this way I very strongly steer them into right thoughts about themselves. Will they believe me if I don’t live it myself?

    So I guess that answers

    What is the thing outside of God you put everything on hold for
    Myself and my need to be recognised as OK.

    Some absolution at this point, would be appreciated.

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