Posted by: LakeIris | September 11, 2012

7 Book Club: Month 2 (Clothes) – some extras!

Hello, lovelies!

Here are few articles & videos to supplement your reading of Month 2: Clothing:

The Particular Problem of Stripey Flats by Flower Patch Farmgirl

An excerpt from Elizabeth L. Cline’s book Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion: The Afterlife of Cheap Clothes

I’ll be writing up my own thoughts on the second chapter this weekend. Looking forward to hearing from you, too!




  1. The clothing fast has hit me harder than the food one did, though that has opened it’s own can of worms 😛
    Looking forward to reading your thoughts Diana!! I’ll post my thoughts when you do hehe

  2. I’ve been very encouraged by this chapter. Buying second hand is an ethical choice as much as a economic choice for me. I already live in second hand clothes, not going to affect me hey?! I’ve been challenged to look at the identity issue again though. What does it matter what I wear? It matters that I care for myself and not look like a drudge but it also matters that no one really notices as much as I think they do. Be comfortable, feel nice, enjoy real relationships.

    One failsafe way of knowing how I’m doing on any given day. On days I’m feeling down and not confident, I love the Melbourne look – ALL BLACK!

    Another challenge from this one – cleaning out the girl’s clothing. They too live in mostly second hand. I love Savers half price day, my girls and I go find whole outfits for the next season, usually better quality than new clothes we could afford (read Target and Kmart) and the most important rule – however many pieces of clothing come in – that many must go in the ‘give to the Salvos’ bag. You see, while I love to shop for second hand at Savers, I give back to the Salvo’s because I’d rather support the work God does through them.
    It takes real work to follow this rule, clothes can sometimes have sentimental attachments. I remember in colours and outfits so many special times and occasions, especially things the girls have done, I have a bag of clothing pieces, sometimes just fit for rags they’ve gotten so old, one day I’ll make softies from them, things to keep the memories alive. Oh no then there’s more stuff to look after! Maybe I have to get less sentimental…

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