About Me

  • I teach. I spend about half my time confident that I am, indeed smarter than my fifth graders, and the other half humbled by their capacity for curiosity and learning.
  • I live in the fascinating, beautiful, always interesting and challenging city of Melbourne.
  • I spent the first 27 or so years of my life living in Michigan – and still miss those summers. Occasionally, I even miss the snow.
  • I am a follower of Christ, and as such, some of the choices I make might be considered counter-cultural, as I attempt to navigate living in this world while not not being of this world.
  • Things I love/that intrigue me: musical theatre, movies, cooking with whole foods, music, chocolate, reading, being a student, spending time with kids, science, cats, linguistics, ethics, beaches, philosophy, true community, mathematics, adoption, theology

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