Posted by: LakeIris | September 7, 2011


Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending a day at the McClelland Gallery & Sculpture Park, enjoying great coffee, meandering walks amongst the sculptures, a picnic in the sun and good conversations.

I was asked by the Soul Nurture Network (who organized the excursion) to share my experience of walking the labyrinth — the day’s focal point. These are some excerpts from my journal to give you a glimpse of some of the questions I asked and the answers I received.

Remembering and Releasing (on the way to the center)

“Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.”  –Jonah 2:8

What idols/aspects of my identity have I been clinging to? Who am I, if I am not a daughter, teacher, girlfriend, intellectual, friend, theologian, leader in the church? Who am I, if I am not responsible, organised, funny, busy, important, attractive?

If all of these were stripped away — what would I be left with?
Diana, child of God
If I am going to offer you these things, my heart, time, money, life — I need to know and trust that they are in good, capable, worthy hands. How else can I hand them over willingly, without resentment, without hesitation?
Promise me. Promise that you will not let me fall. Promise that you will not to lead me astray. Promise to be there always, that you will be the leader that I need and my guide. Promise that you will take care of me and be worthy of my submission.
Receiving (in the center)
If this is what you require of me, what can I expect of you, God?
Faith, trust, truth, love, joy, peace, patience
Are you strong enough?
I am mighty, God almighty.
Are you worthy?
Worthy is the Lamb.
Are you trustworthy? Can I trust you?
Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding.
Are you enough?
My grace is sufficient.
What if I fail?
I am there to carry you, to lean on always – your strength in times of trial.
Will it be difficult?
Yes. I cannot promise otherwise.
What if I’m still not convinced?
Stay with me, don’t give up and look for the evidence of my faithfulness all around you. Surely you know enough to take the leap of faith.
Is it time? What if I’m not ready?
It’s okay. You can rest with me a while longer. But know I’ll be there whenever you’re ready – and will probably give you a push when I think you are…so just be aware. It’s coming.
…what is?
You’ll know soon enough. But it’s good, I promise. And you’ll be ready.

Returning (on the way back out)

Okay, let’s go. Show me what you’ve got.
Life to the fullest.
What does that look like?
Feasting. Breaking bread – together, with others. Singing of my love forever. Equipped for good works. A long road, stretched out ahead – so much more to come. Time. Joy. New things.
Wait and see.
Come and see.


  1. Beautiful post … *sigh*

    I love “It’s coming”. God is raising up something amazing in many of us and weaving the Holy Spirit between us all in unity. We did some listening time at the end of Bible study on Monday night, and a few things we heard were:
    – “break the chains”
    – “pray boldly”
    – “something’s coming”
    – John 14:27
    – “surrender”

    Some of these words may have been for just the person who heard it … but I have a strong sense from the Spirit that God is doing something bigger than that as well.

    Also, LOVE “Time. Joy. New things.” God, can I have that promise too please?

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